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Immediate Dentures
This type of denture is placed in the mouth immediately after your teeth are extracted. Dr. Carter will coordinate with the oral surgeon doing the extractions to make sure that your dentures are ready to wear on the date of your extraction surgery. Immediate dentures often need some initial adjustments as your gums continue to shrink and heal after surgery. In addition, relines are made at 3 months and finally 6 months after surgery to ensure that the dentures fit as well as possible.

Conventional Dentures
This type of denture is for patients who have already healed from extractions for 4-6 months. Since the denture is made only after the healing process, fewer adjustments if any are needed. The drawback is being without any teeth during the healing process.

Implant Supported Lower Denture
The lower plate of a denture tends to slide around more in the mouth than the upper plate. For this reason, many people elect to have implants placed in their lower jaw to hold the denture in place. Both immediate and conventional dentures can be modified to snap onto the implants.

All on four dentures
An all-on-four denture uses implants to support both upper and lower plates. The patient will wear a temporary immediate denture while the implants are healing and then a new denture will be made that attaches to the implants.